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ACCYPN - Promoting excellence in health care for children and young people

The Australian College of Children and Young People's Nurses (ACCYPN) is a national organisation that began with the amalgamation of the Queensland, Tasmanian, Victorian and New South Wales Paediatric Nurses Associations in Sydney, May 1992. It was agreed at that time that the Australian Confederation of Paediatric Nurses (ACPN) should be formed with representation from each state organisation. South Australia and Western Australia joined in 1992 and 1994 respectively. The original Constitution was endorsed in Sydney in 1992.

By 1996 the membership of ACPN and its functions had expanded beyond paediatric nursing and it was decided by unanimous agreement to change the name of the organisation to the Australian Confederation of Paediatric and Child Health Nurses (ACPCHN) to more accurately reflect the vision of the group. In 2003 the NT Child & Family Health Nurses Association was accepted as the NT Branch of ACPCHN. Membership of ACPCHN comprised two delegates from each member State and Territory.

One of the long-term visions of the ACPCHN was to realise the development of a National College of Children and Young People's Nurses. The dream became a reality in September 2008 when the Australian College of Children and Young People's Nurses (ACCYPN) registered as a Company and became a legal entity and its Constitution was endorsed.

The coming together of nurses working with children in all settings through direct membership of ACCYPN forms an influential professional body acting on behalf of children, families and the nurse who cares for them.