South Australia | ACCYPN

South Australia

For Members who are resident of South Australia.


To support our members in their personal and professional development through financial assistance with attendance at Bi-Annual ACCYPN Conferences.

 2 members are eligible for a scholarship, every two years.


  • Scholarship will be no more than $500.00 in total
  • Must be an ACCYPN member (Working in SA for two years)
  • Scholarships will be negotiated in line with bi-annual conferences
  • Money will be paid directly into the successful applicants bank account. If for any reason the applicant is unable to attend the conference they are asked to pay the scholarship back in full.
  • Applications can only be made once every FOUR years (conference is every two years)
  • The beneficiary of the scholarship is asked to either write a one page report on the conference, including the benefits of attending OR they can attend the next meeting post conference to give a verbal report. (This will be negotiated at time of receiving scholarship).

Application Dates

March 31st of the year prior to each conference.

The successful applicants will be notified in writing by June 30th of the year prior to each conference.

To apply for support: