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Event Name: Diversity in Child Health – Bigger Better Brighter Conference

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Total Hours: 6 hours (6 CPD Hours)



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All six Sessions as listed below

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All six Sessions as listed below

SESSION 1 (1.5hrs)

“Re-Inventing the Village:- Working Together for Better Outcomes for Children”
Professor Frank Oberklaid
Abstract – Despite increased attention and expenditure on the early years, children and families continue to struggle; difficulties in childhood impact on life course and constitute a major risk of poor outcomes in a range of health and psychosocial domains in adult life. Our understanding of the importance of the early years challenges us at a professional and service level. However it also presents us with opportunities to make a real difference in the lives of children and their families. This workshop will focus on how the existing service system can be refocused in pursuit of prevention and early intervention, with an emphasis on improving outcomes across a range of domains. I will outline some of the approaches, frameworks and approaches that have been developed by the Centre for Community Child Health and which have been informed by the research of our extensive work with communities.
Continuing Professional Development Hours 1.5 hours

SESSION 2 (1.5hrs)

“The Road to Complex Trauma”
Sharon Muller
Abstract – Complex Trauma describes the lifetime effects of chronic child abuse and neglect within the primary care giving relationship. This framework brings together a number of familiar theories such as PTSD, attachment, neurobiology and child development to better understand the often travelled road from childhood abuse to neglect to adulthood struggles with relationships, addictions, violence and/or parenting. Today’s presentation looks at this journey in some detail, informed at all points by the key assumption that many problematic behaviours identified along this trajectory are actually misdirected attempts to get basic childhood needs met.
Continuing Professional Development Hours 1.5 hours

SESSION 3 (1.5hrs)

“Post-Natal Depression and the Mother-Infant Relationship: Immediate and Longer Term Impact”
Professor Jeannette Milgrom
Abstract – This session will demonstrate with the use of video the type of difficulties observed and how to assess these.
Continuing Professional Development Hours 1.5 hours

SESSION 4 (0.5hrs)

“Child Health Nursing and Child Development Services Working in Partnership: Development and Evaluation of a Development Profile Assessment Tool for Child Health Nurses”
Catherine Marron (CNC Keperra) & Karen Klepper (Child Development Program, Keperra)
Continuing Professional Development Hours 0.5 hours

SESSION 5 (0.5hrs)

“Early Intervention Bytes – Using the Red Flags to Improve Early Identification and Referral for Children with Developmental Concerns – 0 to 5 years”
Yani Davies – Social Worker, Child Development Program, Children’s Health Service
Continuing Professional Development Hours 0.5 hours

SESSION 6 (0.5hrs)

“Indigenous Child Health–Where We Have Come From, Where Are We Going?”
Dr Andrew White (Staff Specialist, Paediatrics, Townsville)
Continuing Professional Development Hours 0.5 hours