Victoria | ACCYPN


For members who are resident of Victoria

Conference Funding Guidelines

  • Financial support to attend a conference/education session will be considered for applicants who meet the following criteria: –
    • Applicant must be a financial member of the College (or previously of ACPCHN Vic Inc) for at least two consecutive years prior to application.
    • Applicant must work in the state of Victoria.
    • Applicant must work in the field of children or young people’s health.
  • The Victorian Directors have the right to determine the amount of money that individual applicant receives.
  • Factors taken into consideration to determine the amount of funding will include: –
    • The applicant’s level of participation in the conference/education session.
    • The location of the conference/education session.
    • Applicability of the conference/education session to children and young people’s health.
    • Other funding received/applied for in relation to the current application.
  • A requirement of receiving funding is that the successful applicant submits a written report for the ACCYPN newsletter about the conference/education session.
  • If successful applicants are presenting a paper, they are to publicly acknowledge the financial support provided by ACCYPN – Victorian Chapter.
  • Successful applicants will be notified of funding amount allocated.
  • Funding granted to an applicant will be payable after receipt of tax invoice demonstrating applicant’s registration at event that funding has been applied for.
  • Successful applicants will be ineligible to apply for funding for a period of 3 years.


To apply for support: